Deep in your heart of hearts, you want to be Don Draper. Dashing, debonair and 60's style all over. Jon Hamm is the luckiest guy in the world. Not because he gets to be Don Draper, but because apparently he's great at EVERYTHING. Including BOWLING.

The website invites celebrities to bowl versus their nerd team in a charity event once a week. This past Friday they posted the video of the Nerdist team, featuring Weird Al taking on the cast and creator of Mad Men.

Undoubtedly, the Nerdists thought they would have the upper hand. They were probably thinking; "How would these slippery Hollywood-types be any good at bowling? They're too busy running to the bank cashing checks, bedding indescribably beautiful women,  and drinking heavily to stay in character."

The Nerdists woefully underestimated the cast. Mad Men sent not one, not two, but THREE ringers to the cannonball showdown at 'The Spare Room' in the historic Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Hollywood Blvd. Little did they know that Mad Men and Soprano's creator Matthew Weiner would tap Vincent Kartheiser (Slippery Sales Director Pete Campbell) and Rich Sommer (Head of the SCDP TV Department Harry Crane). What's so special about these two?

Oh they just grew up in Minnesota, that's all. You know that state that has 3 bowling leagues that roll every night, every day, 365 days a year? Now whether or not they did league play, I can't say. Hamm does admit to bowling a lot as a kid and Sommers says he took a bowling course in college, but it doesn't matter, if you're from Minnesota, you've bowled. More than once. Plus it's in air, in the drinking water, in your momma's womb. Hell, she probably bowled while she was preggers with you sloshin' around.

But the REAL ringer in all this was, of course, Jon Hamm. Like I said; He's awesome at EVERYTHING. Watch below as the Mad Men do their best to completely destroy The Nerdists. I won't tell you who won, you'll just have to watch.