This incident happened back in March of this year in Mahnomen county. A Mahnomen County Deputy, Czerny chased and eventually stopped a speeding vehicle. While attempting to apprehend the occupants of the car a women got out and pointed a gun at the deputy.

The deputy fired his weapon, wounding the woman. A video was release after the shooting and clearly showed that the deputy was justified in shooting the woman.

Recently the woman, 20 year old Shequoya Deanne Basswood, pleaded guilty to three of the seven charges against her. 1st degree assault against a police officer, receiving stolen property and being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Last Tuesday, December 6th, Judge Darlene Rivera-Spalla sentenced Basswood to 120 months (10 years) in the Shakopee prison, minus 265 days previously served.

Here is the original story and video of the justified shooting of Basswood.

In the early morning hours of March 13th, a deputy from Mahnomen County was attempting a traffic stop. The car failed to pull over and a chase was underway.

According to FOX News after the deputy exercised the PIT maneuver the deputy took several passengers from the car and put them into custody. As the video shows Deputy Czemy, of the Dakota County Sheriff's Department, was in the process of handcuffing one of the women from the car when another woman from the car, Deanne Basswood, 20, pulled out a gun and pointed it at Czemy.


Czemy ordered Basswood to drop the gun and fired his weapon and struck Basswood after she pointed it toward Czemy.  After watching the video, it's obvious that this was a justified shooting.

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Some locals in the area, don't think this was a justified shooting and are accusing Czemy of trying to murder Basswood.

Mahnomen County Sheriff, Josh Guenther, said he is releasing the video to counter a "narrative" being spread on social media that Czemy tried to murder Basswood.

"This coalition has created a ‘Wanted’ poster regarding Deputy [Dakota] Czerny, which raises serious questions about Deputy Czerny’s safety," Guenther said in a written statement on the department’s Facebook page. "The intent of releasing this video is to make the public aware of the facts."

Deputy immediately summoned medical attention for the wounded woman and begin giving aid to her. Deanne basswood survived the shooting. No word on her condition but by the sound on the video, it sounds like she may have been hit a few times.

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