It's that time of the week again.  That day with Johnny  U comes in and gives us his "hilarious" and "I've got a really good one" jokes of the week.  He used to have just 1 joke each week.  Now, there are almost always 2, sometimes 3 jokes and it never gets any better.  Some are better than others, obviously, but they are never  "really funny jokes". Unless, of course, you don't have a great sense of  humor.  Or... maybe... just maybe... we might not know what is funny and what isn't.

So, I will leave that possibility of  us not knowing what is funny and what isn't up to you.  You can be the judge of these jokes.

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The first one has to do with some sharp tomatoes.  Yes, sharp tomatoes.  You'll understand when you hear the joke.  And the second one has to do with some parenthesis in a very odd  place.  I can't tell you any more than that, just that it's a bit odd.  Actually kind of a lot odd, but you will have to find out what that is by listening to the joke.

Here goes:

See?  Were we right to say these were terrible jokes?  Like terrible as per usual?  Or are we just totally off the mark and these were awesome jokes?

Maybe you should let Johnny U know that you thought they were awesome.  He needs a confidence booster.

If you would like to check out "Lame Joke Friday" (aptly named) you can tune in again next week Friday around 7:35am for the next round.

Happy Trails!

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