Back in the 70's waterbeds were all the rage. I think just about everyone had one at some point.


Well, now they are talking like the waterbed may be making a comeback. And the reason seems to make sense. Those of us that lived through the waterbed phase are pretty much over them.

Even though they were fairly inexpensive, a lot of apartment buildings banned them for a couple of reasons. one, they were very heavy and put a lot of weight on the floor and two, there was always the fear of the mattress rupturing and flooding not only your apartment but also the apartment below you.

The logic that is being used to justify the return of the waterbed is most Millennials have never had the adventure of sloshing around on a waterbed or trying to have sex and keeping up with the rhythm of the wave. Not to mention that should the heater go out, for some reason, the cold mattress would suck every bit of heat from your body.

Time will tell if a comeback is justified. For myself, I think I'll pass.

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