Each week Johnny U comes in and tells us a joke.  It' Lame Joke Friday.  We have only named it that because the jokes are always lame.  Lately, he always has a golf joke because it's golf season and he is convinced that everyone wants to hear those jokes.  So... that's what we get.

This week he actually wound up with 3 jokes to tell us.  I think it's because it was so bad he knew that he was going to need 3 jokes to make up for the crappy joke telling.

See?  The first one actually could have been funny.  I think the problem was in the delivery.  Johnny U needs to work on his comedy timing.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

If you have a joke that you think would work for Johnny U to tell- feel free to send it into us!  Emailing is best- laura@1037theloon.com

Have a great weekend!!!

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