We talked to Kate from Tri County Humane Society this morning about a beautiful girl named Winnie. Winnie needs a home that will give her the exercise she needs to burn off her high level of energy. Winnie is a beautiful dog and would make a great addition to some family.

Meet Winnie! This happy-go-lucky girl always has a smile on her face. This sweet mixed breed came in as a transfer from another facility. Because she was a transfer, there is very little history on her. Winnie was adopted and returned a day later due to being too large and energetic for the apartment.

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She acted a little too interested in the resident cat and tried very hard to get to him- it is probably best if Winnie is not adopted into a home with any felines. Winnie was adopted a 2nd time and returned 5 days later due to being too active and needing some training. Her last adopter did say that when walking Winnie she does bark at every dog she sees.

If she is being adopted into a home with another dog a meet-and-greet is required here at the shelter first. She was described as being a Velcro dog!  Due to her large size and lively nature, it is recommended Winnie is not adopted into a home with young children. All introductions to new family members- animal or human- should be slow and proper; ask a staff or volunteer for detailed tips.

She is a strong, large dog who will need to learn basic manners such as not pulling during walks, no jumping, etc. We recommend Winnie is adopted by someone with large dog experience and with lots of time to devote to training. This smart gal knows 'sit' and 'lay down', but has a hard time focusing in stimulating environments.

Tools such as smelly treats, clickers, and squeaky toys can help to get her attention. Winnie seems to get startled easily by loud/sudden noises- she has been known to go racing out of the room in a panic if a noise scares her. It is recommended Winnie's new home have a fenced-in yard and/or plenty of space for her large size.

While she was briefly outside the shelter, Winnie didn't have house-soiling accidents as long as she was let out often- she responded well to a routine. Her new home should be prepared to set her up for potty-training success. Winnie is used to being kenneled when alone and she does great in a large, comfy dog crate. Winnie needs lots of physical and mental stimulation to thrive and keep her out of trouble.

This beautiful pup loves to play fetch outside and chew on anything fun (durable toys can be purchased in the TCHS Re-Tail Shoppe!). Winnie enjoys belly rubs and cuddling; she is very affectionate and likes attention. A high-quality diet will help keep her in tip top shape - ask a staff member if you need help picking out an appropriate diet for this girl .Could Miss Winnie be your new best pal?.

Weighs 75 pounds. Donations and adoption fees help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care.


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