Things are on the upswing in the area but there are always things we wish would come to St Cloud. Maybe it's a franchise restaurant or a music venue, etc.


Recently we have had several different eating options pop up. Some more brew pubs have opened and there is a venue in the works in Waite Park.

As far as restaurants go, there is also talk of a Popeye's Chicken. What else would be nice to see come to the St Cloud area?  I hear people talk about how great it would be to have a Sonic Drive In or maybe a In & Out Burger, which I think is mostly a West coast thing but we can hope. Maybe a trader Joe's?

Personally, I think they should make the empty Herberger's building into a giant food court with something for every appetite.

What would you wish for in the area?  New restaurant?  Concert venue?

BTW, I miss The Electric Fetus, just sayin'


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