Mom's are famous for saying all kinds of things when you are growing up. My mom used to tell me things like "If you swallow your gum, it will stay in your stomach for 7 years" and "There's nothing to do after midnight except get in trouble". And, of course, "Don't sit so close to the TV, you'll go blind" or "Why do you carry around a bag of oregano in your coat pocket?". You know, stuff like that.

What's funny is most of these things moms said are passed down through generations.


"Here are a few more for you;

"It's illegal to drive with the overhead light on"

"Keep making that face and it'll freeze like that"

"No swimming for 30 minutes after you eat"

And the most common one "We'll see" when ever I asked for permission to do something. My wife says when her mom said that, it usually meant "No". It was just the opposite with my mom, it meant there was a definite chance.

What were some of the things your mom used to say?

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