This has been the main topic of conversation on many news outlets, talk shows and water cooler chats.  The Gillette Super Bowl ad.  It was released early and focuses on the #MeToo movement.  After seeing the articles, comments and just hearing people talk about it, and at that time, not seeing the ad, I was expecting it to be offensive in some way.  So I watched it, and I'm left wondering what the problem is

This is the ad:

Full disclosure- I think this ad is fantastic,  So I did a bit more research to try and find out what the issue is- why people are finding it offensive.  I heard everything from it's "male bashing" to "what business does Gillette have putting an ad out like this".  In this climate there are so many opinions stemming from every walk of life.  Gillette sells razors.  Their target audience is largely male, and the tag line is "The Best A Man Can Get. So, why not?  It's like what Nike did just a couple of months back.  And yes, people had issue with that too.  I fell like when putting up that argument, the point has been missed.

I say, Gillette- good for you!

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