New kitchen toys are fun, especially food dehydrators! I wanted to try something that would be a sweet snack, but I'm not sure this batch turned out how I thought it would.

I've had a lot of luck so far making beef jerky with my pellet smoker grill and the dehydrator, but haven't tried anything like this...but it's got to be easy and simple, right? I'm honestly not sure it this turned out correctly. The bananas are soft and chewy, not like I buy at the grocery store where they're almost crunchy.

The directions said to spray and coat the bananas with lemon juice, then put them in the dehydrator for 6-12 hours at 140 degrees. I let it go for 10 hours before finally calling it a night and taking them out. I put them right into a sandwich bag and that was it.

I think they taste good, just not like I get it the store. I'd prefer them to be dry and crunchy, but not too sure how you make them that way. Any tips would be awesome! Be sure and comment below if you have any suggestions or your own recipe.

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