I am totally aware that the price of things go up and rarely down. Sixty years ago it seems like a buck went a lot further but, of course, this is all relative. For example, in 1958 a new house would have cost you less than $12,000. Maybe you were in the market for a new car. Well, that would have run you around $2200. The average income in 1958 was around $4650. That's a gross income of $387.50 a month. The average rent was $95 and you could send a kid to Harvard University for a thousand dollars a year. Movie tickets were around one dollar and when you needed gas, you could get it for a mere twenty four cents a gallon. I actually remember the days I would put two bucks worth of gas in my car and I'd be good for a week. Oh, and if you needed to mail a letter, postage stamps in 1958 were only four cents. Like I said before, it's all relative but wow, things have sure gone up in price.

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