What do you really want for Valentine's day?  The answer differs, of course, if you are male or female.  This study shows that the number one gift women want for Valentine's Day is a card.  The number one thing that men want is....wait for it.... NOTHING.  But if you are with someone that doesn't fall into this number one category and you do nothing, or try and get away with just a card, you may be in for a rude awakening.

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I would fall into the card deal, where that's nice, but I don't need anything else.  I know that Valentine's Day seems like the holiday that has been invented by the card companies like Hallmark, but it's still nice to have a special day for recognizing your significant other and make sure you let them know that they are loved ans that they are special to you.  It's just nice.

So- what are you doing for Valentine's day?  Remember- less is probably more, no need for setting a precedent that you won't ever live up to again.  Just sayin'....