March Madness officially begins today and we’re going to hear all about it whether we want to or not. A lot of folks have the “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality and just fill out their brackets and throw the $10 into the kitty, even if they don’t know jack about NCAA hoops. So, as you’re finishing up your brackets, here’s what it says about you.

Favorites – You have chosen no upsets. The high seed always wins. Just to shake it up a little, you pick an eighth seed to win over a ninth seed, but you make sure the high seed wins in the next round and you have Kentucky over Syracuse for the finals and question anyone who does not.

What This Says - Pecking order must be observed at all times at all costs and that going against traditional wisdom is a stepping stone for complete anarchy.

Underdogs – You love a Cinderella story. You don’t see why a low seed like Norfolk State can’t take it all this year. Your bracket does include a few traditional high seed/low seed victories, but you wrote down South Dakota State more than anyone who lives there did.

What This Says – You believe that one person can change the world and are the eternal optimist. You clap at the end of Disney movies even when you’re watching it alone and your kids aren’t around.

Out of Date – You have Michigan taking it all this year even though they haven’t really been a powerhouse team in like 20 years. UNLV is in the Final Four and can’t understand why Loyola Marymount didn’t make it into the tournaments this year.

What This Says – Back in the early 1990′s, you were a carefree person. You had disposable income and watched all of the games while sipping high brow craft beers at the local microbrewery. Now you have a career and a family you love and don’t really have time for the brackets anymore, but hate admitting that your carefree weekends are long gone, and that’s OK.

Expert – You have favorites and underdogs that are carefully chosen based on their schedule strength, assist to turnover ratio and expert opinions from your college hoops message boards.

What This Says – Stats are your friends and maybe your only friends. You feel that filling out brackets is not to promote camaraderie with your co-workers. All the effort will be worthwhile though when you walk away with all the cash.

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