March Madness is in full swing right now, and Little Caesars took a gamble offering free lunch to everybody in the country if a #16 seed beats a #1 seed on Friday. It happened and now they need to pay up!

On Friday, the University of Maryland-Baltimore County beat the University of Virginia in the NCAA tournament.  It's the first time EVER a number 16 seed beat a number one seed...they were 0-and-135 up to then.

It looks like they are going to pony up on this bet too. Look at some of the comments that Little Caesars has replied to, telling people everything's in the rules of the graphic they tweeted.

In the assumption that "participating locations" means most everywhere, including St. Cloud and surrounding locations, there should be a ton of people waiting in line on April 2nd to get their free personal deep dish pizza and a bottle of soda. You'll want to get there by 11:30 since it only goes until 1pm, and it's "while supplies last". Hopefully it's not just a dozen at each store, but that's the chance you take!

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