Caribou in Waite Park? Starbucks on Division? Dunn Bros. in Coburn's, or a Styrofoam cup from the gas station; regardless of WHERE you get your coffee -- the KIND of coffee drink you prefer apparently says a lot about the kind of person you are.

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My go-to fancy drink is a Mocha, but a pumpkin-spice latte is tasty too. I've had a cripple this fall. What I really look forward to is the holiday season when I can grab a big eggnog latte. Or as my nephew calls eggnog, 'Christmas Milk.'

According to a story in the Daily Mail, researches have uncovered a link between the type of coffee you prefer and your personality.

  • If you like your coffee 'black,' you tend to be a 'non-nonsense' person, as well as abrupt and dismissive.
  • If you're a 'latte drinker,' you tend to be more neurotic and eager to please people and often go out of your way to help others, but don't 't take good care of yourself.
  • If you prefer sweet coffee drinks, you are a 'socially overgrown kid.'
  • And if like decaffeinated, foamy coffees, you tend to be obsessive, controlling and detail-oriented.

Honestly, to some degree, every one of these descriptions fit me, but ultimately I'm a black-coffee guy. Dark, rich, and simple (and apparently dismissive).

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