I've never claimed I was am angel as a teen. How I never ended up in jail is beyond me.

Drunk Woman

We all remember that first time that we may have overindulged on alcohol. It was probably at someone's house party.  There were plenty of those when I was a teen. People who's parents were out of town or the real risk takers, the people who's parents were just out for the night.

I remember my first time over indulging. I was at a house party with a couple of pint bottles of lime vodka. Yeah, I know, I just threw up a little just thinking back on it. Anyway, I went the whole gambit. First comes the "This is fun". Then there is the "I don't feel so good". only to be followed by "Stop the room from spinning and I feel like I'm dying.

For many years after that experience, I could even stomach lime popsicles.

What was the culprit in your first experience with getting drunk?  If there's a good story behind it, please share.

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