Marriage is all about compromise, like when I first got married and I wanted a dog and my wife wanted a cat. Well we compromised and got 2 cats. In the spirit of compromise, when my wife told me she wanted to go to We Fest, last weekend up by Detroit Lakes, I said okay. You see, a couple of weeks ago, I dragged her to Moondance Jam, so the least I could do was attend We Fest with her.

If you know me at all, you know I detest country music. I may have referred to it as "simple minded pablum for the uncultured masses". But much to my surprise, there was one band there that blew me away. The Zac Brown Band rocked it last Friday. Yeah, they played some of their country hits, which I think even bored them. But during their set they sprinkled in tunes like "Paradise City", "Enter Sandman", "Whipping Post" and even a sampling of "Kashmir".

These guys are all excellent musicians and seemed to be having more fun playing the classic rock stuff. I highly recommend seeing this band, even if you have to sit through some country stuff.

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