It's a classic that began as a cult classic 30 years ago. Now it's virtually part of our fabric of conversation when we ape a British accent. Mention the word 'shrub', 'swallow' or 'Camelot' and someone in the room is bound to launch into a scene read from Monty Python and The Holy Grail. 

Now, thanks to near-visionary and video-maker Stephen Bouley (who, by the way has a whole THREE videos on his YouTube Channel) we can see what this movie trailer would look like if the film had been made in today's overly-grandiose epically-dramatic world of Hollywood hype.

Complete with thrilling on-the-edge music and insanely gripping edits of the characters and scenes, we get to envision the film in a whole new light; as suspense-thriller-action-drama. A direct parody of how serious Hollywood takes itself and how the trailers we see can completely mislead you as to the film's content and plot.

Now of course, it all becomes even more absurd when we realize the total absurdity of the original movie. It's as if the Brit comedy troupe reunited for one last nose-thumb to Hollywood, complete with lens-flares and classic silver screen go-to font on the ending title.

Watch, chuckle and enjoy. And keep scrolling for an added bonus: The modern-day trailer for Life of Brian.

BUT be careful, I've watched these so many times, it may have turned me into a newt.


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