About three months ago, I told you that the last reunion show of legendary comedy troupe Monty Python was going to be screened live in movie theatres across the world. If you happened to miss that show live via satellite this past Sunday at Marcus Parkwood Cinema, you're in luck. They plan to replay the show, titled Monty Python Live (Mostly) -- One Down, Five To Go, tonight (Wednesday) and tomorrow night (Thursday).



I saw the show Sunday and it's well worth the $18 special event price to get in. I'm not sure if they'll do the same thing as what we saw on Sunday, but if you get there a little early, you'll be treated to the the initial press conference the Pythons and Warwick Davis held to announce the ten date stand at London's O2 Arena.

I won't spoil it for you, but I will tell you that if you have a deep appreciation of the show, you'll find it wonderfully nostalgic and hilarious. Don't go expecting a giant batch of new material. It's loaded with what are arguably their most popular sketches; The Dead Parrot, The Argument, and a host of musical numbers from their films, including TWO sing-alongs... not that you won't be singing along with The Lumberjack Song or Every Sperm is Sacred. They did, however, incorporate their new Silly Walks song as a danceline number.



The last performance was sent out live on Sunday, so all the little mistakes and silliness that ensued because of them were shown. I truly hope that tonight and tomorrow's shows will be the exact same and no edits were thrown in. During a couple of the sketches, Cleese and Palin obviously wandered from the rehearsals, inducing each other into laughing fits and extra improv. The Nudge Nudge Wink Wink sketch was exceptional funny due to a minor prop not working as it should.

The dance numbers that they used as transitions were executed with the perfection of a major Broadway production, and incorporated several well-known sketches that were based on physical comedy. So keep an eye out for Silly Walks and others.

In addition, Minnesota native Terry Gilliam's wonderfully bizarre animations were abundant, and he was given the spotlight in his own sketch Flower Arranging, along with reprising his pivotal roles in The Spanish Inquisition and Whizzo Chocolates.

A gloriously nice touch in the show was the incorporation into several sketches via video, of the late Graham Chapman, who died from cancer 25 years ago.

One spoiler I will give you, is that the 3-hour long show includes a 30 minute intermission, which took all of Sunday's attendee's by surprise. As the countdown clock appeared on the screen, everyone began asking out loud if it was real or if this was some well-crafted credits-like joke on movie audiences ala Holy Grail. It took nearly 5 minutes into the intermission for us to realize that yes indeed, it was an intermission.

The shows start at 7:30 p.m. both tonight and tomorrow, and I highly recommend you attend.



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