Well, if you listen to the Loon you know that the best part of the weekend is from 9-5 on Fridays.  Free Beer Fridays.  But that might not be true for everyone.  There was actually a survey taken and found that the best part of the weekend was Friday night.. which I can understand, as it is the beginning and you still have 2 days ahead of you.  And you can enjoy all that Summer in the Midwest has to offer!

Hot Summer Weather Hits London
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Personally, I think Saturdays are the best because you didn't have to get up so early- especially me- 4am comes mighty early during the week, and not having to do that on Saturday and Sunday is awesome!  I mean, even if I get up at 8am it's like 4 hours of sleeping in!  Some people even say that Sunday night is their favorite time of the weekend.  Are you kidding???  Well, in all fairness it was only 4% and those people are from the UK, so maybe that is the issue.

Anyway you look at it... it's the WEEKEND!!!!

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