Growing up, my parents would generally take us with them when they would go on vacation except for Vegas or New Orleans.  Mostly because those were "adult places"..oh, and the state fair, we didn't go there either until after high school.  Mostly because I don't think they wanted to "deal" with children there.  But the point is, that I have see a lot of the "attractions" around the country.  This is also because my dad is one of those people who say 'Hey- the biggest ball of twine is right over there'!  Then we would take the detour of about 50 miles or more to see the "biggest ball of boring" there is.  At least in my opinion.

Hollywood Walk of Fame
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But, there are some things that I think are pretty cool attractions, and I don't think they belong on this list, 

For instance, if you had the chance to see the leaning tower of Piza- would you think that was overrated?  It made the list.  Or, Mount Rushmore?  How is that overrated?


Have you been disappointed by an attraction you have been to?

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