I really can't believe that Minnesota didn't make the top 10 for States With The Most Beautiful People. I've lived in a few different states, Minnesota, North Dakota, California, Wisconsin, Texas and Florida and I thought most of these states were right up their for attractive people.

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Dimitrios Kambouris

Well, the good news is Minnesota wasn't in the bottom 5, so there's that. The bottom 5 were Mississippi (yep), Missouri, Alabama, Arkansas and South Carolina.

If you asked me to guess which state came in first for the most attractive people, I would probably go through 40 states before I guessed which state came in first. When I think of this state, I think of the Mafia and Bruce Springsteen, not attractive people. Yes, I'm talking about New Jersey who, according to this survey, came in number one for the most attractive people.

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The people who did this survey googled search trends for things like hair, clothes and grooming. They also took into account what kind of shape people of that state were in. their exercise habits and rates of STD's.  STD's?  You mean you can't be riddled with syphilis and still be beautiful?

The top 10 states with the most attractive people were New Jersey, Hawaii, California, Massachusetts, New York, Colorado, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Alaska (really?) and Arizona.

I'm not sure where Minnesota came in on this list but we weren't at the top and we weren't at the bottom. Probably right in the middle. Just where we like to be.



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