The last few months have been tough on all of us.  Seems like so many things, simple things we took for granted, are gone for now and perhaps, forever.

McDonalds Open For Drive-thru Orders Only During Coronavirus Pandemic
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If you are an avid concert goer, you've seen event after event cancelled or postponed this year. It started out to be one of the biggest classic rock concert years I can recall.  If and when we can all congregate by the thousands again, we a bound to relish the experience more than ever.

Movie theaters took a big hit with all this stuff going on.  I'm curious to see what changes they may make to be able to resume keeping us entertained.

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I was in a restaurant to pick up some takeout recently and couldn't help but notice that the salad bar apparatus had all been removed. I'm guessing, salad bars may be a thing of the past.

With the outdoor seating now allowed for restaurants, at least we can get out and enjoy a good meal with friends, but this is Minnesota.  What do we have? A few months of this at the most?  We can only hope that things change before the weather does.

Family gatherings are even kind of scary, even more so than before, ha.  Especially when family members all come from different areas.

Sporting events are surely missed by most. I know avid baseball fans that feel it's just not Spring without the start of a new season. Will there be a football, basketball or hockey season? Only time will tell, I guess.

What do you miss the most?  Let's just hope some form of what life once was comes back.  It can't come soon enough.





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