After I gave my review of Rocketman... and now we know that it isn't a bio-pic as we all, or at least a lot of people thought it was going to's a musical.  I found this deal.  Some things are true and some aren't.  But people seem to be getting their shorts in a bunch because things didn't happen exactly as they did in real life.

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Here's the deal... Elton John was a part of the making of this movie.  I feel like the inspiration for a lot of the songs was where they were in the movie.

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The songs tell the story.  They obviously didn't happen exactly as shown in the movie... but it's more poignant this way.  In other words... it's ok.

Like I've said before... if you haven't seen the movie.. .see it.  Do not be thrown by the fact that it's not EXACT.  It really is ok that it isn't.


You still get the idea.