Last week I put up the question "without giving your age, what is something that you had as a child that kids now would not understand?"  The results were both humorous and nostalgic.  


Remember having to have your TV on either channel 3 or 4 in order to watch a movie that you had rented, along with a possibly rented VCR? Or dial-up internet?  Good grief that was awful!  Once you waited the possible 5-10 minutes before you were actually connected just to have someone else in the house pick up the phone to make a call and knock you off the internet!  SO frustrating!

Remote controls- I just used my younger brother for that... 'hey- change the channel', or knocking the knob off the TV that actually turned the thing on.  Now, you either had to hook it up to the light switch (we did that) or use a pliers to pull out the knob.  Now people spend a few minutes looking for the remote instead of just turning it on, off, changing channels manually.  Some TVs have those controls fairly hidden.  You kind of have to look to actually find the way to do that.  It might be easier to just spend a few minutes looking for the remote.

Still fun to reminisce about what used to be.  I wonder what things we have now that kids in 20-30 year will not understand.  Probably driving a car manually. Self driving car technology is already here.  Will probably be the norm by then.


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