Once again we got a visit from Parkwood 17's Up and Slightly Adam in the Loon studio this morning. Several great flix showing this weekend.


New this week, "Overlord" a World War II action movie. U.S. troops are sent to destroy a tower behind Nazi lines. While there they discover a secret Nazi lab under the tower. Some how out of all chaos, Nazi zombies seep into the story line. Wow, if zombies weren't bad enough, now we have Nazi zombies?  Trailer below

Up next, "The Grinch" the third adaptation of the Grinch. Should be a good one for the kids, or maybe stoned Uncle Bob.  Trailer below

Another new movie this weekend, "The Girl in the Spider Web". Women on a quest for women's rights. Very timely considering we now have over a hundred women in the House of Representatives for the first time ever. This is a sequel to "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"  Trailer below.

Also some holdovers at Parkwood.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" from all reports, an excellent film.

"Halloween" Jamie Lee Curtis is back for more horror.


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