Up and Slightly Adam joined us again in the Loon studio to fill us in on the new movies playing this weekend at Marcus/Parkwood Theaters.  Adam had a favotite he is looking forweard to, so we'll save the best for last.

First up,we have "The Favorite" about brothers, one a boxer and the other a soccer player. Both competing for their father's attention. When the soccer player, the favorite, is in a serious accident, his brother reaches a breaking point. Trailer below

Next up, "The Goldfinch" with Nicole Kidman. A women is killed in an expolsion at an art gallery and her sons future is scarred.  Looks pretty serious.  Check out the trailer and judge for yourself.


Finally, Up and Slightly Adam's pick of the week, "Hustlers" with Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B.  Strippers seek revenge on Wall Street clients.  Looks pretty good.  Check out the trailer below.

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