Once again, we got a visit from Up and Slightly Adam from Marcus/Parkwood Theaters to fill us in on what's new on the big screens this Labor Day weekend. Two new movies opening and some special things planned for the holiday weekend.

First new release is "Bennett's War".  Motocross fans are going to love this one.  Bennett is serving in the military and is severely injured by a roadside bomb. He is sent home and finds there are tough times on the family farm and foreclosure is not far off. In order to save the farm, Bennett takes up motocross, against the wishes of his family and doctors, and attempts to save the family farm motocross racing. Trailer below


Next up is "After the Wedding" a mystery that has a lot of surprises. it's really difficult to describe the plot of this one but it looks pretty good. Check out the trailer below

And don't forget a few special things going on this weekend. "The Gooneis" and Jurrasic Park" are both showing with a special $600 admission all weekend. And, if that wasn't enough, $1 hot dogs.

Don't forget Student Thursdays. $6 admission for students every Thursday.

You can get your tickets online at marcustheaters.com or fandango.com

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