Up and Slightly Adam from Marcus Parkwood Theaters stopped by the Loon studio this morning to fill us in on what's showing on the big screens this weekend. Could be a hot weekend and a perfect time to head for those nice air conditioned theaters at Parkwood.

One big release this week. It actually opens tonight  "Hobbs & Shaw" (Thurs) and is promised to be the best of the "Fast & Furious" series.

Starring the Rock, this is an action packed film with a bevy of special effects keeping you on the edge of your seat. Check out the trailer below.


Also this weekend, it's week 2 of "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" with a stellar cast consisting of Leonardo DeCaprio, Brad Pitt, AlPacino and more.  From all the reviews I've heard from people, this is a great Tarantino film. The only negative reviews I've heard came from people that we not aware of what a Tarantino movie is like. Trailer below

Tickets online at marcustheaters.com or fandango.com

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