It happens.  It doesn't always happen because of the fault of the person who was fired, either.  Usually, yes.. but not always.


Baxter and I were talking about this... once he was fired for an hour and a half.  I was once let go because of... well, I don't really know why.  When they brought me into the conference room, I asked why??  And the response was... and I'm not making this up... 'well, we don't really want to get into that... we're just making a change'.  So... you're saying you are firing me for basically no reason.  That has got to rank up there with the dumbest reasons ever!

Now, I find out that there is this social media deal where you post the dumb reason that you were fired and then add the hashtag #andtheniwasfired.

And now it's trending on Twitter, or as someone I know calls it- the "Twit" machine.  Got to admit... that is kind of funny.

So, if you've ever been fired for a dumb reason... what was it?


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