"They" recently did a study and as you know, "They" do a lot of studies, don't they? this time the set out to discover the most hated Thanksgiving foods in every state.

Believe it or not, Maine, Idaho and Oregon's most hated Thanksgiving food was TURKEY!  Really, turkey? What kind of heathens live in these states?

Cranberry sauce came in as the most hated overall, with 17 states listing it in first place.  Stuffing is third with 9 states, Sweet potatoes were fourth with 6 states and pumpkin pie tied with delicious turkey in 3 states.

So, what's the most hated Thanksgiving food in Minnesota? Well, that would be green bean casserole and I couldn't agree more. Green bean casserole came in the most hated with 12 states.

(She Knows)

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