Sometimes it seems that the only thing worse than working at a job you hate is the thought of interviewing for another one.  In fact 58% of people would rather stay at an old job than interview for a different one. With a new year approaching, many are considering a move. Here are a few things not to do on an interview.

First impressions are for real and are probably the #1 reason you don't get the job. I once went on an interview where I was extremely qualified and had great success in the field. I was told later I was turned down because I was "too laid back". I probably should have gone full psycho, I guess.


Some basics for the job interviewing. Know the company's function, don't show up late for the interview, do you best to remember the interviewer's name. Sometimes that's a tough one.

I always liked the joke about the guy who, while at an interview, was asked "What's your biggest fault?"  The man replied "Honesty"  "I don't think honesty is really a fault" replied the interviewer. To which the man shot back with "I don't give a sh*t what you think".

What's the worst job interview experience you've had?

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