A lot of times concerts can be hit or miss. I've seen some bad ones where I left kind of disappointed. One that comes to mind was Van Halen in the early 2000's at the Xcel Energy Center. Rumor has it that the band had partied up pretty hard the night before in Chicago and didn't make it to the Xcel until a few minutes before showtime. So, no sound check. It took a good 45 minutes before the sound was good. But I saw them other times where they were great.

Concert audience
Alexandre Schneider, Getty Images

For the most part though, most have been good concerts. Every time I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan, it was nothing but awesome. Clapton was great as was Page/Plant. The Stones can rock it like no other band.  Moondance Jam has had some fantastic shows. Yes, Moody Blues and way too many others to mention.

Some concerts require a little self medication. Pink Floyd comes to mind.  What was the best concert you've ever seen and why?

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