If you're like me, it's almost impossible not to pick up at least a few pull tabs when you are out. I also play the lotto games but after winning almost $8000 in the Florida Lottery twenty five yeas ago, I have won hardly anything since, As far as pull tabs go, occasionally I'll win a hundred or two. One night when I was out doing a broadcast from a Sartell bar and restaurant, I bought a few pull tabs. I had one $2 winner and laid it on the table to cash in later. The server, while clearing the table, through in out. When I asked her where she through it out at, she showed me and as luck would have it it was right on top of the rest of the trash. I took that $2 winner to the booth and exchanged it for one more $2 ticket. To my surprise, when I peeled back the tabs, there were lines going every direction. Yes sir, I had myself a $500 winner. What's your best pull tab story?

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