It's another year gone by and, I for one, hope that 2019 is a much better year. Wouldn't it be great to go an entire year without a natural disaster, crazy economy, mass shooting and not have to send our own off to war zones?


Too much to hope for? I don't think so.

Personally, I would like to see 2019 provide me with more time with family. I guess I should probably check and see if they want to spend more time with me.

What's on your wish list for the new year?  Maybe a nice vacation somewhere warm and sunny? Better job? New house? More time with your family?  How about winning the lotto? That would switch things up a bit.

It would be so nice to see all of humanity pull our sh*t together and concentrate on things that would benefit all.

What would be on your "wish list" for a better 2019?


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