It's that time of year... new year, new you resolutions happening.  How long does it generally take for you to crap out on your resolution?  Granted, some resolutions are harder to keep than others.  Most of the time, the things that people tend to fall short on are the lose weight, get healthier and quit some sort of vice... like smoking.  Sometimes I think that it's because we put out a goal that isn't so attainable going from couch to running a marathon in 6 months.  That might be a little lofty.

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As time goes on... meaning the time of year... most tend to stop going to the gym as much as they did in the beginning of the year.  Excuses seem to pop up.  everything from "I'm too tired" to "traffic was bad".  And you name it in there... then adding the bargain.  I'll eat better tomorrow and work out longer, or telling yourself that you didn't eat that bad today, so I can skip it.


According to SWNS Digital- here are the top excuses to not work out:

I don't have time                                  42%
I don't have the motivation                  35%
I don't like exercising                           25%
Work gets in the way                           23%
I feel too old                                         23%
I don't see results                                22%
Don't have equipment at home            21%
It's too expensive                                 20%
It's inconvenient                                   19%

Some people even say.. I'm too old.  But when does that start happening? When are you too old to work out?  I say never.  It's discipline.

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