I have this thing about planning things out. Actually, it's more like not planning things out. I prefer to just "wing it". I think it adds a fresher feeling to things and besides, I hate to plan.


This Morning, Laura and I were trying to do our daily morning show promo that runs for on air for the duration of the day.

For some reason I could not get things straight.  I forgot Laura's name. This is a person I've worked on and off with for over 10 years combined. I'm pretty sure I had one of those brain bubble things.

That wasn't all, during the recording I said something that got us both laughing so hard we could hardly continue. But we did.

I left the promo pretty much unedited except for the involuntary laughter outbursts. A real pro would have done the whole thing completely over but do overs suck, right?

Pay no attention to the words on the bottom of the screen.


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