Lots of Central Minnesotans casted their vote on when they deem it appropriate to start the Christmas music madness - and the results are in!

I am a HUGE fan of Christmas music. I tune in to basically 75% all Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving - while some people listen to it year round! Turns out, lots of Central Minnesotans are full of the Holiday Spirit! Not very many said they never listen to it, so that's a good sign! Check out when Central Minnesotans start listening to Christmas music!

  1. On/Off through the holidays 27.78%
  2. The day after Thanksgiving 25%
  3. As soon as possible! 16.67%
  4. Never! Bah Humbug! 13.89%
  5. Christmas Eve/Christmas Day only 11.11%
  6. Other 5.56%
  7. December 1st 0%

The 'Other' option, people wrote in that they listen year-round, and ONLY when we play some here! Thank you so much to everyone who joined in on the conversation. Now that it's officially December, feel free to indulge in as much Christmas music as you want!

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