First of all... let's remember what and why there is a celebration of Cinco de Mayo.  Many think that it's the Mexican Independence Day.  Actually, that is celebrated on the 16th of September.  This is actually to remember the Battle of Puebla.  And Mexico's victory over France.

So, with that being said... let's see what there is to do in St. Cloud and where is the best place to go.  Of course there are the big ones that come to mind immediately, like La Casita, Mexican Village, Chipotle, Taco John's even.  But how about some that are a bit more authentic??  Some more than others... but here are some suggestions...

Gilberto's Mexican Taco Shop- located at 2301 West Division Street

Bravo Burritos- located at 68 33rd Ave South

Anejos- 2 locations for this lovely restaurant- one in Waite Park and one in Sartell off of Pine Cone Road.

El Loro Mexican Restaurant- located in Waite Park off 75 and 10th

Taqueria la Campechana- located in Waite Park also on 10th- between 23 and 75

Happy Hour Margarita close up

I have eaten at all of these places and not a complaint in the bunch.  So... if you pull up to one and it's super busy... cuz ya know, any excuse to drink margs and eat tacos and other yummy things, try another one.


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