I feel like whatever high school you went to, that ball field will be considered to be your best.  Mostly because of the nostalgia that you feel for it... you have memories and maybe you even played on the field.  So, yeah, your home school football field is the "best". Your home field will be considered to be "hallowed ground".  And that would really be the case if a successful  pro athlete came out of that school, and played on that particular field.


But which high school football field is considered to be the best in Minnesota?  I had my guesses, and none of them were right.  What is it that makes it "the best"?

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 The great thing about the best high school football stadiums is that there's never just one thing that makes them stand out. Some have been built with millions and millions of dollars. Others provide the simple beauty of a setting to create that special feeling.

Let's take a look.

And the high school football field that is considered to be the best in Minnesota is.... (drumroll please) DeLaSalle High School Athletic Field.  Well then... my first thought was "huh?  Where is that?"  Let me tell you- DeLaSalle High School stadium is located in Minneapolis, right by the Mississippi.  The capacity for this stadium is 750-1000.  Quite honestly, for a high school stadium in the metro, I would have thought it would have a higher capacity.  This stadium opened in 2009.  So, that means that the home team didn't play a home game for 100 years before this stadium opened.  And the best thing about this stadium is the view.  You get a great view of the Minneapolis skyline while attending a game.

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