The Danish/American Rock Band 'White Lion' forms in 1983 in New York.


Danish vocalist Mike Tramp and Vito Bratta an American vocalist formed this band that real active in the mid 80's to early 90's.

Their second album,"Pride' was the one of their most successful albums and reached Double-Platinum producing "Wait" which hit #8  and "When the Children Cry" which made it #3 both released in 1987. Great with the ballads, however; their third album, 'Big Game', did get Gold status.

Shortly after, 'The best of White lion' was released in 1992 the band disbanded, then in 1999 Tramp re-formed the band but with all new members and due to legal issues failed to get the original members.

Tramp came out in a news release stating the band was reforming with all original members but the other bandmates denied that, then when Tramp formed the band with new members  Bratta filed a lawsuit for legal rights to half ownership. In 2005 , the New 'White lion' came out with a "live" album then in 2008 'The Return of the Pride' came out .

'White Lion' got the "Pride" tour under way in 1987 opening for Frehley's Comet, eventually for Aerosmith, Ozzy, Stryper, and Kiss, in 1988 found an opening to open for AC/DC.

"Wait" a song about good-bye was a great ballad for this hairband.

"Wait just a moment before our love will die
cause I must know the reason why we say goodbye
wait just a moment and tell me why
cause I can show you lovin that you won't deny

wait and show your lovin like it was before
cause I won't let that feelin walk ou through the door
yeah wait just a moment and try once more
cause babe I need to hold you like I did before" (Mike Tramp and Vito Bratta)




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