It was definitely a series of singles that made this band from San Fransisco gain popularity in the 1980's.


Jack Blades (bass) formed the band originally named 'Stereo' in 1979,  Kelly Keagy (drums) and Brad Gillis (guitar). They added a keyboard player in 1980 named Alan Fitgerald (Montrose). Jeff Watson sooned joined the band (guitar) and they renamed themselves 'Ranger".

Two years later 'Night Ranger" evolved had got lucky enough to latch on to bands like ZZ Top and Ozzy as an opening act.

"Sister Christian" is a song about Kelly Keagy's (he sang it as well) younger sister Christine, but the weird part about this is there has been controversy on when the song was actually completed so we'll go with 1982 to be safe.

'Night Ranger' were a good hair band and known for many power ballads during the 80's and had a strong showing on MTV.

The album "Midnight Madness" had a couple of ballads one being, " When I Close My Eyes" and "Sister Christian".

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