Between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, this is one of the most exciting match ups for the World Series I have ever seen! Both teams haven't won the World Serious in DECADES, plus, all the historical things that are happening at the same time - this is quite an amazing year for baseball. So, who do you want to win?

The Chicago Cubs (National League) have not won the World Series since 1908. And the Cleveland Indians (American League)? Not much better. Their last title was won back in 1948. So understandably, both teams and their dedicated fans are overdue for a World Series win.

This is a really hard thing for me to decide on. I want the Indians to win because they are in our same division (American), BUT my boyfriend is a huge Cubs fan. Also, Chicago is closer to home by location. Honestly, I will be happy with either team winning because both deserve it! But, who do you want to take home the title? Let us know by taking the poll below!