First of all, just look at his face.  He wants to come home with you!  He wants to play fetch, and hang out with people!  Ok, he does need to learn some manners as he is just about a year old, so still a lot of puppy traits, but generally a sweet and fun loving dog.

Enzo is at the Tri-County Humane Society and is available for adoption.  He has been neutered, and is learning some basic commands, but definitely is still learning as he is kind of still a puppy.

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It would be best if he were the only pet in the family... or if you do have another dog, it's best to line up a meet and greet with both animals at the Tri County Humane Society before bringing him home.  See if the two dogs will be compatible.

Enzo, also called Enzee, is a lab/terrier mix and is about 80 pounds.  So, a bit on the larger side.  He is house trained, but still needs some breaking in, as any pet would in a new environment.

Enzo does love to run and play and roam around, so if you have a home with a fenced in yard, that would be ideal.  If you have a very active family, Enzo might be just the dog for your home.  He loves to meet new people, so bring the family into the Tri-County Humane Society to meet Enzo and see if he is the right fit.

The Tri-County Humane society has all the information on Enzo and other adoptable pets on their website.  There is an adoption fee, and those fees go to help cover the cost of spay/neuter surgeries, microchipping, vaccinating, de-worming, any medical procedures and general care.

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