Seems these days there are a million comedians. Some okay, most so so and a few are pure genius.


I have to admit that in my early 20's I aspired to do stand up comedy. I lived in Southern California then and would frequent The Comedy Store on Amateur Night. i would watch aspiring comedians, just like me, fail miserably one after another. So I was out the door before they called my name.

I still watch some comedians in total awe. It truly is an art form. The build up, the delivery and most of all the timing. timing is everything. They say, what makes people laugh is when you can surprise there brain

Some of the very best in my book would be Richard Pryor. Pryor was the ultimate story teller. Bill Burr has a real cocky delivery and you just like the guy. He's blunt, sometimes offensive but never disappoints. He's f'ing finny.

There are several more on the genius level but the king, in my book, was George Carlin. Carlin was extremely smart and hone d his craft to perfection. He made you think and laugh at the same time.

Who are your favorite comedians? And tell me why.


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