Well it's now 2024 and it is more fashionable than ever to be absolutely and totally outraged over any and everything that you may have previously only casually disagreed with.

Case in point the new flag for the State of Minnesota, which looks like this:

attachment-thumbnail_State Flag

The old flag, which I didn't think about a single time in my entire life until this whole debacle began to unfold, looked like this:

Minnesota Waving Flag

Of all the controversies currently taking up uninvited residence in my brain, this has to be the dumbest one of all. Who on Earth is THAT concerned with the state flag? Who will even think about this in two or three years.

My personal beef with the process is not with the design (again, who cares) but just the fact that we spent money re-doing the flag and state seal in the first place. In my view and opinion, Governor Walz and friends took our GIANT tax surplus and set out trying to figure out how to spend ALL of it... each and every cent. This was just another wasteful thing to blow the money on.


But that doesn't seem be the problem most of those in opposition to the flag have. In a recent WJON news story, Crow Wing County has approved a resolution opposing the state flag.  They say that the voices of those in outstate Minnesota were quieted by politicians in the metro area.


Again, who cares about what the state flag looks like at all? Why are we so quick to anger over the most trivial things in our day-to-day lives?

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