I'm not sure about you, but I thought that pianos were expensive. Maybe I'm wrong because right now on Facebook marketplace you can take your pick for free. There are currently 5 pianos listed for free through the social media site. It seems a little bizarre to me, but maybe they're hard to get rid of?

You can get a free antique piano from two sellers in Monticello, Sartell and in Maple Grove. With winter coming, maybe this is your ultimate sign to finally take piano lessons. It's never too late, friend.

There's a free Schimmel piano in Elk River listed by Kim Kowalkowski. It was originally listed for $250, then changed to free. It was last tuned about 2.5 years ago.

One of the Monticello pianos listed by Shelton Navin was originally going for $400 obo. That price was lowered to $0. There's a note that says it's out of tune, so you'll need to either do it yourself or find someone who knows how to tune it for you.

The second Monticello piano was listed 3 weeks ago by Galina Mikityuk. The piano is listed in 'used-good' condition.

Jeni Schad listed her Sartell piano for free about a week ago. It's labeled in 'used-good' condition.

There's an Anderson Piano for free in Maple Grove, listed by Mike Worthington. The seller wrote a note saying, "if you lift and load into my truck I will deliver it within 20 minutes of my home in Maple Grove."

Good luck with your hobby!


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