I get it!  we are all tired of this devastating pandemic. wearing masks, social distancing, food shortages, hospitals at capacity and the constant worry about getting sick or passing it on to loved ones and friends. It's a lot to deal with.

Last Orders On The Underground Cocktail Party
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At the same time, some people, mostly younger people, can't quite resist the urge to gather in groups and party. I saw on the news the other night, a party bus pulling up in front of a Minneapolis bar at the 10 PM closing time and loading the bus with partiers.

I understand and even remember how I used to feel indestructible at that age but this is serious business. Sure, you might not get seriously ill, but instead pass it on to an older or vulnerable friend or family member. I wouldn't want to have to live with that.

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University of Minnesota student, Gwynn Bruce says “A lot of people maybe haven’t been impacted personally, like don’t know anyone that’s gotten really sick, They're just not taking it that serious.”

Student Gabriela Kirou says a lot of her classmates think they are immune. “A lot of them have already had it, and so they think they are immune to it, and so I think that plays a big role in them going out,” Kirou said.

MDH infectious disease expert, Kris Ehresmann says that immunity thing is a false belief.  “It’s a bit like playing Russian roulette. You don’t know if you will be one of the very, very severe cases or not,”

I want this thing over as much as anybody else, so maybe we can just listen to the experts until we get this pandemic under control. Most of the world opened up too soon earlier this year and now we are worse off than before.

Stay safe, stay healthy.


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