I was driving down East St. Germain this afternoon, and there was an ambulance behind me.  So, myself and all the other cars around moved over and let the ambulance pass.

Lee Voss, WJON
Lee Voss, WJON

It must have been a pretty big deal because I also saw a fire truck go as well, although they might just always go along anyway,  But as I was watching all the cars move over and make room for the emergency vehicles, why don't they do that in the movies?

Or maybe it's an LA thing...

Oh- and remember him??  Paul Majors, who used to be on KARE 11 NBC for YEARS.  He's in LA now.

But back to my original observation...

Face Of Fear
You've been listening to WHO?! (Getty Images)

But in the movies, there is always some big issue when an ambulance, police car, etc trying to weave through traffic.  People don't move over, they lose the person they are chasing, or someone dies, or whatever it is, because they have to get through traffic. And it isn't just on some shows.  It's like EVERY movie and TV show.

Just really strange.  I mean, I know it's a movie... it's just strange when that is what everyone has to do... everywhere.

Or again, maybe it's just LA. You know- where the movies are made and they just don't know.

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