There are some things in this country that have people really bothered.  Like they think that it's one of the worst things ever.  Like a complete travesty!

I'm talking about the onslaught of self check out at a lot of stores.  The "complete travesty" description might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I have heard a lot of people that are really bothered by the fact that they "have to ring up their own stuff" and "I don't work here" are a couple of complaints that I hear.

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My personal opinion is this... treat it like an express lane.  If you have a couple of items, it's nice to use the self-checkout.  It's quicker, you can bag stuff how you want, you don't have to make small talk with the cashier, and it's just easier in some cases to use the self-checkout.

It is true that "you don't work there" and you are ringing your own stuff up instead of having the full service to have that done for you.  But in this era of "no one wants to work" or the worker shortage, stores have been moving in this direction to keep things flowing.  Recently I was at Fleet Farm and I noticed that they have also implemented the self-checkout option.  And that's just it, it is usually an option.  You can still go through the regular check out line and have someone ring up your stuff.  Although I have heard that some places, like Wal Mart, that isn't always the case.  Full disclosure, I don't generally shop at Wal Mart, so I will just have to take people's word at that one.  But even when they did have cashiers, I always heard people complaining that there weren't enough of them working.  So, problem solved, right up your own stuff.  Easy.

But that's just me.  I like it.

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